Welcome to Taiyo Utils


This is a repository for collecting and managing all Taiyo Python utilities. The goal of this repository is to provide a set of classes that can be utilized by contributors to Taiyo Dashboards and to standardize those contributions by having access to standard libraries for machine learning, data aggregation and extraction, model reliability,

technical features, and visualization.

Construction This repository comprises of subpackages of different capabilities, as listed below:

  • Harvesters - fetching the data required for the analytics, Model training purposes .etc
  • Clusters - provide standardized construction, access, training, testing and application of various clustering techniques
  • FeatureGen - extraction, manipulation and presentation of technical features for certain domains
  • Preprocessor - Data access, aggregation, formating, and transofmation libraries to provide common forms for modeling and presentation
  • Models - Machine learning model classes providing standardized construction, access, training, testing, validation and prediction
  • Metrics - executing model reliability computations and metrics for ranking the models

  • Visualization - provide standardized visualization models for the outputs of various models in the TaiyoUtils

  • Strategies - contains simulation classes for building and testing strategies based on ML models


In order to use this library the following steps needs to be followed:

  1. Click Here to Open the Download Page.
  2. use pip to install this whl file.

We sincerely thank you for your usage and contribution of the tools herein.